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"Life Before Dinosaurs" murals
William Stout's "Life Before Dinosaurs" murals are 9 feet long and were commissioned by the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Now, you can own these masterworks at about 1/3 scale. These art prints also include legends identifying the flora and fauna depicted. Watch the video below for more details:...
"Mosasaur and Loons" art pri..
William Stout's amazing "Mosasaur and Loons" art print. Click on the clip below to see William Stout talk with Eric Boardman about this astounding prehistoric sea reptile: The print is 36 X 25 inches (including white border). It's printed on museum quality paper, and will be signed by the artist. Signed...
William Stout's "PREHISTORIC LIFE Murals" is a hardbound book filled with 145 pages of magnificent depictions of ancient life, as well as detailed accounts of their creation, preparatory study sketches, and paintings. It offers a rare glimpse into the process of creating museum quality works. "Just as...
Predator Magnet Set Predator Magnet Set
William Stout Predator Magnet Set 4 beautifully rendered meat eating dinosaurs by William Stout are included in this set of 4 1/8th inch by 5 1/4 inch refrigerator magnets. The species in this limited edition set are: Carcharodontosaurus Utahraptor Megalosaur Sinosauropteryx Plus, a FREE Garyosaurus...
Willis O'Brien Sketchbook by.. Willis O'Brien Sketchbook by..
It's William Stout's biggest sketchbook ever! An 80 page tribute to stop-motion animation pioneer (and Harryhausen's mentor): Willis O'Brien This new volume showcases 79 images from O'Brien's early career featuring "The Lost World" (1925), "King Kong"(1933), "Son of Kong", and "She", plus "The Ghost...
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